Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bonus Blessing

How do you love and accept a person that someone else chose to be a part of your family? I probably can’t answer that for you but I can tell you how I did it.

As a mother we consider what choices our children will make. Their career? Their mate? Will they have children and how many? We wonder how these decisions will affect their life? After all, what we want is for our children to be healthy and happy.

My eldest son, Zayne, chose a family member for us. Her name is Irish and she was officially added to our family July 18, 2009. After their dating period and three years of marriage, what I can tell you about her is not so different from my first impression.

Don’t misunderstand me, the first impression of Irish was not bad. I just didn’t know her. But I made a point to get to know her. We talked, shopped, swam together, had lunch, discussed books and movies and played lots of board games with our family. We made time for each other. And now we have a relationship that is beyond what I imagined possible.

Over time I saw a young woman much more mature that I had thought. She was responsible beyond her age. She was at first a bit shy and introverted but soon, after time spent with this very loud and boisterous family, she was forced to reveal her survival instincts. Zayne chose this wonderful family member. And I must say he did very well.

 Over time what God revealed about Irish is that she is a kind hearted woman with an overwhelming knowledge and love for the outdoors. She loves animals with a passion. She has a desire to excel in what she chooses to do. She cares for me like, I feel, a daughter cares for her mother. She fits our family so well (now that she has learned true sarcasm). She knows our routines (like doing dishes as soon as we have eaten). She offers her time (like driving me to doctor’s appointments). We both love Contemporary Christian music. :) She loves her friends and family, no matter what. She’s thrifty, unless she’s buying for those she loves. She's just wonderful. She's a rare person, beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

She’s exactly what I would have wanted if I had given birth to her on March 14, 1990. That is the birthdate that she shares with her parents.

As for me, I send Irish “Happy Birthday” flowers every July 18th because that’s the day she joined our family as our daughter.

Thank you God for every blessing. Thank you God for Irish. We love you sweetheart!!

Count your blessings!
Love and prayers to all,


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  1. I absolutely love this post! I hope Irish had a wonderful birthday!