Monday, February 6, 2012


I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that God will not put more on a person than they can bear. Well, I’ve also heard an added line, “Wow! He must really trust me.”
First of all, God will not put more on a person than they can bear...........ALONE!
Secondly, from a close perspective, I know that trials are wrapped in many blessings.  I promise you, blessings are there, if only we can see them through the tears we shed while splashing around in our pity pool. Trust me, I’ve had a few pity-parties myself.
The early years of my illnesses (fibromyalgia, anxiety and back & neck pain) my cries were few. Add a few years and another illness or two and I had cries hard enough to smear my mascara. Then of late, add a few more illnesses, days in bed because I’m too sore to move and nights awake with a heating pad and meds for the extreme pain, now I have a full blown pity party with invitations sent and RSVP’s from Tippy and Mom.
No matter if people are faced with trials that are short lived or with a load that is carried for an extended period of time, people react in a very similar way, with questions.
We want answers right away. We say prayers and believe that God should immediately run to our aid. We are so eager for answers we believe we shouldn’t have to wait on God.
We are a society that believes in instant gratification. No thought to consequences. We do not like to be inconvenienced. We have dinner out on a Saturday night and get aggravated if we have to wait. We complain if we get delayed in traffic, have to wait at the doctor’s office or pharmacy or if we choose the slow lane at the grocery store. We get irritated if we have to wait in line at the bank or annoyed that the line is slow at our favorite coffee house. On the other hand, people have waited all night outside the electronics store to buy the latest video games, we pay to wait in lines at amusement parks or we may stand for two hours at a concert. But we can’t wait on God. Our priorities are as clear as swamp water.
Who are we to think we shouldn't have to suffer a few inconveniences? ...........“Inconveniences,” you might think. Compared to Christ’s suffering on the cross any load we bear is a minor inconvenience.
A burden is a blessing, a lesson to be learned, a light that is illuminated as brightly as we allow. Imagine God gives you a precious stone that shines as brightly as a star on the darkest of nights. He simply asks you to hold the stone. You notice that the stone is getting heavier and heavier over time. You can see that the light begins to fade as the stone grows heavy. You don’t want the beautiful light to fade. You grow restless trying to carry the load. You’re ashamed and you become fearful. What do you do?
Simple.......You go to Jesus. He said, “Come to me, ALL who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”   Matthew 11:28
Leave your cares, burdens, every sin....... at the cross.
Love and prayers to all,


  1. I was recently told that God does put more on you than you can bear. That way you trust in him! He can take care of everything! Well written and insightful blog Skeeter! Prayers going up for you! Much love! Lisa Golden Reaves

    1. Thanks Lisa. You are so right, God does take care of everything. I pray that you have left your burdens at the feet of Jesus and that your load is light. Love and prayers, Carmen

  2. Sometimes that precious stone feels like a millstone around our neck holding us back. If you've ever tried to polish a rock, you know it isn't done overnight. It takes a lot of love polish to truly see the beauty under the surface where life has really roughed it up. Even diamonds start out black as coal.

    When God slows me down, it is so I won't miss something wonderful. Before the burden was added to my life, I was so busy I had very little time to see all the beauty around me. Forget about enjoying it. He has given me soooo much, each day He reveals His love to me and each day I understand that it is only a small portion of His unconditional love. Resting in His love and no burden can separate me from that!

    Thank you for the reminder.